Classroom Thermometers

Fisherbrand™ Refrigerator/Freezer Thermometer Products for Science Education

Insulated sensors protect against rapid temperature changes. Fisherbrand Refrigerator/Freezer Thermometers accurately monitor temperatures in freezers, water baths, heating blocks, incubators and refrigerators with bottle-enclosed “temperature buffered” sensor.

Fisherbrand™ Traceable™ Lollipop™ Shock/Waterproof Thermometer Products for Science Education

Offers minimum/maximum temperature readings. Fisherbrand Traceable Lollipop Shock/Waterproof Thermometer is water-resistant and is ideal for wet labs, wash-down areas, and all field applications.

Fisherbrand™ Infrared Thermometer Gun Products for Science Education

Unique design permits “point and shoot” readings. Fisherbrand Infrared Thermometer Gun takes instant, less-than-a-second temperature readings of any surface.

Fisherbrand™ Small IR Thermometer Products for Science Education

Non-contact temperature measurement.

Fisherbrand™ Pocket Hygrometer/Dew Point/Thermometer Products for Science Education

Compact design features an electronic capacitance polymer film sensor not affected by condensation.

Fisherbrand™ Traceable™ Digital-Bottle™ Refrigerator/Freezer Thermometers Products for Science Education

Accurately monitor temperature in freezers, refrigerators, incubators and environmental chambers with this temperature-buffered sensor.

Fisherbrand™ Laboratory Grade Spirit Thermometers Products for Science Education

Check up to five results to perform an action.

H-B Instrument™ FRIO-Temp™ Glass Thermometers: Blue Organic Liquid Filled Products for Science Education Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

Ideal for use in freezers, refrigerators, incubators, ovens and blood banks.

Sper Scientific™ Datalogging RH/Temperature Pen Products for Science Education

Displays current RH and temperature readings, and automatically logs Air Temperature, RH, Dew Point, Wet Bulb.

Fisherbrand™ Long-Stem Digital Thermometer Products for Science Education

Durable and safe, containing no mercury or alcohol. Fisherbrand Long-Stem Digital Thermometers are rugged and versatile digital thermometers to read soil, or stir and measure the temperature of solutions. Can also be used with incubators.

Fisherbrand™ Min./Max. Thermometer Products for Science Education

A safe alternative to glass thermometers.

Fisherbrand™ Traceable™ Hygrometer/Thermometer/Barometer/Dew Point Pen Products for Science Education

User-selectable dual display shows humidity/temperature, humidity/dew point, barometer/temperature or barometer/humidity.

Fisherbrand™ Durac™ Plus™ Thermometers Products for Science Education

Ideal for use in applications in which a very precise, accurate temperature measurement is required.

Fisherbrand™ Traceable™ Dual Thermometer with Min/Max and Time/Date Products for Science Education

Temperature of the two different probes is displayed in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. Fisherbrand Traceable Dual Thermometer displays date and time when minimum and maximum temperatures occur.

Eisco™ Boss Head Thermometer Holder Products for Science Education

Great way to suspend a thermometer.

Fisherbrand™ Jumbo Refrigerator/Freezer Thermometer Products for Science Education

Digital thermometers are perfect for monitoring freezers, water baths, heating blocks, incubators and refrigerators.

Giant Classroom Thermometer Products for Science Education

Tired of small thermometers?

Fisherbrand™ Traceable™ Digital Thermometer Products for Science Education

Versatile panel-mount module snaps into place or can be used as a stand-alone unit.

Fisherbrand™ Input/Output Thermometer Products for Science Education

Easy Installation input/output thermometers.

Fisherbrand™ Pen-Shaped Thermometers Products for Science Education

Measure temperature either in Celcius or Farenheit scale or both.

Fisherbrand™ Traceable™ Sentry™ Thermometer Products for Science Education

Shows current, high and low temperatures simultaneously. Fisherbrand™ Traceable™ Sentry™ Thermometer instantly shows if water bath, freezer or incubator is within temperature specifications and monitors temperature of any experiment, even when you are not there.

Fisherbrand™ Traceable™ Hi-Accuracy Refrigerator Thermometer with Min/Max Readings Products for Science Education

Stores in memory and displays minimum/maximum readings for last 24 hours (each hour), seven days (each day) and 30 days (each day). Fisherbrand Traceable Hi-Accuracy Refrigerator Thermometers include visual LEDs and audible alarms which signal continuously even if temperature returns to non-alarm range.

Fisherbrand™ Jumbo Refrigerator/Freezer Thermometer w/Sealed Bottle Probe Products for Science Education

Digital thermometers are perfect for monitoring freezers, water baths, heating blocks, incubators and refrigerators. Fisherbrand Jumbo Refrigerator/Freezer Thermometer accurately monitors temperature with enclosed “temperature-buffered” sensor.

Fisherbrand™ Traceable™ Pocket-Size Thermometer Products for Science Education

Ideal for lab, plant and field use. Fisherbrand Traceable Pocket-Size Thermometer is compatible with all Type-K probes.