Classroom Electrical Supplies

Eisco™ Metal Electrodes Set Products for Science Education

Set of 7 high quality metal electrodes for student cell, 100 x 19mm. : Aluminum, copper, nickel, tin, iron, zinc, and carbon rod.

Bare Copper Wire Products for Science Education

For general lab use and low voltage hook-ups.

Advanced Snap Circuits Kit Products for Science Education

Advanced topics challenge knowledge and creativity.

Eisco™ Red 4mm Connecting Leads -Alligator Clips - 300mm Length Products for Science Education

12 in. (300mm) red connecting lead with alligator clips at both ends for 4mm plug. Enables quick temporary electrical connection.

United Scientific Supplies Create-a-Circuit Products for Science Education

Handy kit makes it easy to create a circuit.

GSC Go Science Crazy Connecting Cord Products for Science Education

Make safe and fast electrical connections

Enameled Magnet Wire Products for Science Education

Use to construct electrical studies.

Eisco™ Black 4mm Connecting Leads Products for Science Education

The EISCO Black 4mm Connecting Leads (pk of 12) enables quick temporary electrical connections.

3B Scientific™ Alligator Clip Products for Science Education

Accepts 4mm test leads or any other 4mm Multilam plug.

GSC Go Science Crazy Lamp Board Products for Science Education

Connect circuits easily in both parrallel and series

3B Scientific™ Adapter for BNC-4mm Jacks Products for Science Education

Adapter for crossover from a BNC plug to 4-mm-jacks??with 19 mm spacing.

Heavy-Duty Batteries Products for Science Education

For low-drain devices or devices that are used infrequently.

GSC Go Science Crazy GSC International Voltmeters Products for Science Education

For numerous electrical experiments.

1 Farad Capacitor Products for Science Education

Explore how energy conservation works at the classroom level.

Eisco™ Series and Parallel Circuit Demonstration Board Products for Science Education

Helps student to distinguish between series and parallel circuits.

Eisco™ 750mm Connecting Leads Products for Science Education

The Eisco™ 750mm Connecting Leads are great for use in the classroom or lab. The connecting leads allow for a quick, temporary electrical connection.

GSC Go Science Crazy DC Ammeters Products for Science Education

For numerous electrical experiments.

Eisco™ Resistance Coils Products for Science Education

Shows how resistance varies with the type of wire, length of wire, and diameter of wire in coil in 0.1 to 0.9 ohms.

Vernier KidWind Sound and Light Board Products for Science Education

To demonstrate power output from small electrical devices.

3B Scientific™ Rheostats Products for Science Education

Heavy-duty variable resistors for experiments in extra-low and low voltage circuits.

Unknown Resistance Board Products for Science Education

Build on Wheatstone Bridge concepts.

3B Scientific™ Transformer with Rectifier Products for Science Education

Offers extra low-voltage power supply.

United Scientific Supplies Wire Stripper Products for Science Education

Quickly removes insulation without damaging wire.

3B Scientific™ Dismantlable Transformer Products for Science Education

For the generation of a powerful magnetic flux.

Eisco™ Bridge Rectifier Products for Science Education

Four diodes in connected in a bridge circuit.

Eisco™ Variable Battery Power Supply Products for Science Education

The EISCO Variable Battery Power Supply is a great tool for studying electricity.

Eisco™ Contact Key Products for Science Education

Plated spring arm and connecting strip

Eisco™ 1000mm Connecting Leads?With Plug And Alligator Clip, Black Products for Science Education

The Eisco™ 1000mm Connecting Leads?With Plug And Alligator Clip works well for electrical or laboratory testing applications.