Classroom Balances

Fisherbrand™ Traceable™ SpatulaBalance™ Products for Science Education

Unique spatula scoops material and instantly weighs it.

OHAUS™ Gold Series Pocket Scales Products for Science Education

Perfect for weighing jewelry, coins and small parts. OHAUS Gold Series Pocket Scales have large backlit LCD display and external calibration.

Fisher Science Education™ Portable Balances Products for Science Education

Superior performance in an affordable, portable balance. 

Ohaus™ Triple Beam Mechanical Balance Products for Science Education

Accuracy and convenience of a toploading balance. OHAUS Triple Beam Mechanical Balance gives students hands-on experience through manipulation of the poises and attachment weights, as well as visualization of mass measurement principles.

OHAUS™ Harvard Trip Balances Products for Science Education

Ideal for comparative weighing programs and centrifuge tube balancing. OHAUS Harvard Trip Balances employ a two-pan design based on the classic Roberval balance principle. They are commonly used to determine the difference in mass between two objects, rather than their absolute value.

OHAUS™ Cent-O-Gram™ and Dial-O-Gram™ Balances Products for Science Education

Support centigram accuracy and encourage student precision. OHAUS Cent-O-Gram and Dial-O-Gram Balance comes with three-point base, special floating bearing principle, and beam design which eliminates need for level adjustment.

OHAUS™ Spring Scales: Demonstration Dial Type Products for Science Education

Designed to stand up to heavy student use and withstand sudden load releases without breaking.

Ohaus™ Harvard Junior™ Mechanical Balance Products for Science Education

Unique design combines colorful, plastic two-pan balance with the durability and accuracy of the more expensive Harvard Trip Balances. OHAUS Harvard Junior Mechanical Balance incorporates precision-engineered metal beam and zero-adjust compensator.

Color-Coded Spring Scales Products for Science Education

Clear plastic tube allows students to see the action of the spring.

Ohaus™ School Balance Products for Science Education

Ideal teaching tool to introduce students to precision mass measurement. OHAUS School Balances measure small items such as paper clips, marbles and coins, as well as heavier objects such as books.

Eisco™ Demo Lever Balance Products for Science Education

For demonstration of static forces, levers and an analytical balance.

OHAUS™ Scout™ SKX Portable Balances Products for Science Education

Offers superior overload protection in a sleek, low profile and stackable design.

OHAUS™ Scout™ SPX Portable Balances Products for Science Education

Ideal for laboratory and industrial applications, the OHAUS Scout balance comes in a slim, stackable design with large backlit LCD

Eisco™ High Resolution Economy Dynamometers - Spring Balance Products for Science Education

Metallic, tubular Newton spring balances. EISCO High Resolution Economy Dynamometers are color-coded for convenience, and are scaled in both grams and Newton's.

OHAUS™ Pocket Scales Products for Science Education

Great performance in a unique yet functional design.

OHAUS™ Hand-Held Scales Products for Science Education

Convenient, compact and portable weighing capability in the palm of your hand. OHAUS Hand-Held Scales are small scales with sleek styling and convenient size.

OHAUS™ Valor™ 3000 Xtreme Portable Scales Products for Science Education

Compact portioning scales offer high precision and extreme durability for the harshest environments.

Classroom Compact Scale Products for Science Education

Ideal for small classrooms and science labs with little counter space

SI Manufacturing Compact Digital Scale with Bowl Products for Science Education

For weighing multiple small objects at once.

Eisco™ Dual Scale Spring Scales Products for Science Education

Metric and Newton ranges.

Fisher Science Education™ Precision™ Balances Products for Science Education

Dependable measurements and reliable performance.

OHAUS™ Scout™ STX Portable Balances with Touchscreen Display Products for Science Education

The all new Ohaus Scout with intuitive color touchscreen interface offers superior overload protection in a sleek, low profile and stackable design.

OHAUS™ Scout™ SPX Portable Balances Products for Science Education

Ideal for laboratory and industrial applications, the OHAUS Scout balance comes in a slim, stackable design with large backlit LCD. Scout SPX Portable Balances are geared for high performance in your facility with fast stabilization time and high resolution weighing results. These portable balances will set a new standard in laboratory and industrial weighing.

Troemner™ Stainless Steel Class 7 Individual Weights Products for Science Education

Economical and designed for educational use.

Fisher Science Education™ Triple-Beam Balance Products for Science Education

Accurate, durable and easy to use. OHAUS Triple-Beam Balances are designed to demonstrate mass measurement concepts in the classroom and for everyday weighing.

Mettler Toledo™ NewClassic ME Precision Balance Products for Science Education

Efficient and convenient performance for daily weighing

OHAUS™ Explorer™ Semi-Micro Balances Products for Science Education

Balances built for accurate, sophisticated and professional weighing. Sleek OHAUS Explorer Semi-Micro Balances have been designed and constructed to provide a modern weighing experience as well as to bolster accuracy. High Speed Single Module weighing cell ensures that the results are accurate.

OHAUS™ Adventurer™ Precision Balances Products for Science Education

Strikes the ideal balance between inventive features and functional, uncomplicated weighing capabilities. OHAUS Adventurer Precision Balances deliver stable and reliable weighing results for routine weighing tasks. With fast stabilization times, these balances improve productivity in the laboratory.

OHAUS™ Adventurer™ Analytical Balances Products for Science Education

Stable, accurate and fast operating balance for optimal weighing results in routine laboratory work.