Living Organisms

Fisher Science Education™ Sand Products for Science Education

Commonly used in the science classroom.

Fisher Science Education™ Seed Packets - Fruits and Vegetables Products for Science Education

Variety of popular fruit and vegetable seeds teachers can use in their classrooms.

Fisher Science Education™ Seed Packets - Flowers Products for Science Education

A variety of popular flowers for use in classrooms.

Nasco Aquarium Aquatic Plant Set Products for Science Education

For 5 to 20-gal. aquarium.

Plant Trays Products for Science Education

Perfect seed starters that never rot or rust.

Book Plus Plant Models Products for Science Education

Use both models together to further explore plant structure.

Lab-Aids™ Immunology and Evolution Experiments Products for Science Education

Determine evolutionary closeness of organisms based on antigen - antibody blood analysis. Identify various animals in relation to mankind.

Carolina™ Greater Wax Moth Larvae (Galleria mellonella), Living Products for Science Education

Includes prepaid coupon to request delivery of the perishable material later according to convenience.

Lab-Aids™ Owl Pellet Study Kit Products for Science Education

Designed for an in-depth study of owls and their prey.

Carolina™ Pond Mystery Mix Products for Science Education

Investigate the diversity of pond microorganisms with this unique dried mixture; just add springwater to bring it to life!

Eisco™ Insect Collecting Net Products for Science Education

Strong enough for student activities.

Innovating Science™ Enzymes and the Process of Digestion Products for Science Education

Understanding the vital role that enzymes play in the process of human digestive

Large Barn Owl Pellets Products for Science Education

Students learn the nature of food chains and how to demonstrate the role of predators in the ecosystem.

Eisco™ Insect Spreading Board Products for Science Education

Makes it easier to dissect small insects.

Instant Ocean™ Synthetic Sea Salts Products for Science Education

An easy sea salt alternative!

Innovating Science™ Arabidopsis Seeds Products for Science Education

Ideal for the study the process of artificial selection. Innovating Science™ Arabidopsis Seeds are a fast Growing Plant Seeds

Lab-Aids™ Dendrochronology Tree-Ring Dating Kit Products for Science Education

Develop an understanding of tree-ring dating principles, determine age of simulated tree cores, discover effects of climate on tree growth and establish age of tree and correlate to other wooden objects.

Aqua Phoenix™ Quick-Net Fish Dip Nets Products for Science Education

Constructed of durable nylon quick-mesh for fast, safe fish catching.

Aqua Phoenix™ Deluxe Aquarium Kit Products for Science Education

Combining functionality and design, the Marina Deluxe 20 kit comes with everything for a quick and easy aquarium setup.

Soil Test Kit Products for Science Education

Accurate test results within the hour.

Carolina™ Carnivorous Plant Terrarium Products for Science Education

Students can enjoy a terrarium with carnivorous plants.

Aqua Phoenix™ Aquarium Gravel Products for Science Education

Premium gravel adds a beautiful touch to your aquarium or fish tank.

Carolina™ Carolina™ Formalin Grasshoppers Products for Science Education

Carolina™ Formalin Grasshoppers are an excellent introductory specimen for dissecting and studying insect anatomy

Aqua Phoenix™ Algae Scraper Aquarium Cleaning Tool Products for Science Education

Helps keep fish tank and accessories cleaner.

Carolina™ Aquarium/Terrarium Ventilated Cover Products for Science Education

Prevents escape of specimens and easily converts the aquarium to terrarium.

The Six Kingdoms of Life Poster Products for Science Education

Provides a detailed, illustrated look at classification and the six kingdoms.

Carolina™ Formalin Dogfish Sharks Products for Science Education

For use in exploring anatomy of cartilaginous fish. Carolina™ Formalin Dogfish Sharks are ideal for comparative and vertebrate anatomy classes.

Carolina™ Formalin Lamprey, Plain, 1 Per Bag Products for Science Education

Carolina™ Formalin Lamprey is for use in examining the anatomy of the jawless fish. Ideal for comparative anatomy classes and discussions about common ancestry and diversity.

Carolina™ Formula 4-24™ Drosophila Medium Products for Science Education

This medium allows teachers to set up a new culture in less than a minute.

Carolina™ Prepared Media Tubes: Tryptic Soy Agar Slant Products for Science Education

Ready to use media free of antibiotics, pesticides, and other chemicals.